portraits: rambo and a pontificator.

halloween's here!

killer sun-setting light.

fall colors.

fall greens.

looking up.
queens, ny.
parksville, ny.
some snapshot walking around town.
as a member of the blue team at eddie adams xxii, i got to work with some amazing photographers, students and instructors alike. team leaders lisa krantz, michael williamson, tim rasmussen and rob finch gave me some invaluable advice. we covered parksville, ny, a hamlet on the decline. the final blow to parksville is a new interstate due to be completed in the next few years. this will put an end to much of the traffic that goes through the town. many parksville businesses, including Fiddle's Dari-King ice cream shop, rely on customers driving through parksville. drivers will no longer spot the ice cream shop while waiting for the only traffic light in the area to turn green. Fiddle's Dari-King opened shop in 1963. although the owners will lose the business, they have other sources of income and will survive. still, they will "lose a family heirloom [they] hoped to pass on to [their] kids and grandchildren," says co-owner jodi fiddle.

outtakes from the eddie adams workshop xxii.

leaving maple grove.
i want to share what i have so far on a story i am working on about the maple grove trailer park. well, here's the intro:

the 12 tenants of Maple Grove Trailer Park in Bulger, Pa., live month-to-month on fixed incomes; some are slowed by age or illness, others own trailers that are too old to move or can't be moved because of additions and renovations. On August 5, 2009, a constable handed out papers saying the residents had 15 days to move, on orders of the latest in a succession of owners.

tibetan freedom activist marching during the first day of the g-20 summit.

gothic pittsburgh.