Obama. Kansas City, Mo. As close as I can get.

The Cows of Mayfield, Ky.

Some selects from the mountain workshop.

I & II. Castrating beef cattle.

III. Morning cow.

Midnight light at the Missouri Photo Workshop. St. James, Mo.

Some sports I shot a while back. Soccer and football.

Good Enough to Get Muddy.

This is my one-day project for picture story class. Although Tom Sealy has Cerebral Palsy, he always seeks adventure. Excited for the opportunity to participate in a mud bog, Sealy contacted an off-roading club about joining. They told Sealy his physical condition would prevent him from competition. Sealy immediately bought himself a $600 1979 Jeep CJ 7. His friend, Chuck Bockhorst, drives and maintains the Jeep. "He knows the limits of his capability," Bockhorst said. "And that pushes him."

I. Tom Sealy, center, laughs with friends at the Hawk Point Mud Bog in Hawk Point, Mo., after his run on September 6, 2008. Sealy has Cerebral Palsy, but still competes in the Mid-Missouri Off-Roaders' Stock 33 class.

II. Sealy's driver, Chuck Bockhorst, fits Sealy's helmet on his head before Sealy's run. Sealy thrives for adventure and insists on an open jeep so he can "feel the mud."

III. Bockhorst lifts Sealy into his seat before Sealy's run. Sealy relies on friends to help him in and out of his jeep while on the mud track. "He lives for mud runs," Bockhorst said. "When he sees the mud, his eyes light up."

IV. Sealy, front, and Bockhorst make their run through the mud track.

V. Mud bog fans watch the mud fly after Sealy's turn on the drag. "Everybody watches us out there," Bockhorst said. "Even though they are really watching Tom."

VI. The tires to Sealy's truck and wheelchair sit side-by-side. Buckhorst does all the repairs on Sealy's Jeep, including a recent addition of new tires. "I went to Chuck and told him what I needed," Sealy said. "He then told me he had it covered."