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We had to photograph a portrait for my photography class. My professor encouraged us to use our final subjects for this project. Sabina is my final project. She cannot hear a word and is the best lip-reader I know. She is also a really good playwriter and is in the process of applying for Master's programs in theater writing.

Ashland's New Ambulance

Homecoming Parade_10_21_2006_007
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My neighbour is a journalist for the Columbia Missourian. She recently wrote an article on a nearby small town, Ashland, MO, and how the residents raised money for 15 years to purchase a new ambulance. Here is my neighbour in front of the ambulance she wrote about.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to the sounds of trumpets and drumbs. I walked a block down to the main drag, and the Homecoming Parade was underway. It was the Homecoming Game for University of Missouri's football team, and I got a chance to work on photographing local highschool bands, politicans and children. I even got a shot of Democrat Senate hopeful Claire McCaskill. And if you haven't seen Michael J. Fox's ad supporting her run for office, I suggest you take a quick look.

The Global Journalist website is up and running. I am interested to hear what you think.
My friend and classmate Katie Barnes photographed me for the classmate assignment. You can view her photos of me here. I think she did a good job. If you look closely, you can see her foot at the bottom in the last two photos.


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My friend and classmate Drea insisted I post this on my blog.

Thinking of a Place on a Far Away Coast

Classmate Project_10_9_2006_1
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For my photo class, I had to follow a classmate around. We picked names out of a hat, and I pulled a Bay Area native studying in the undergraduate photojournalism program. She spent a lot of time at her house; which was not exactly exciting to me. So I had to make with what I had.

Keeping Awake in Moberly

My photographs from the Missouri Photo Workshop.
I'm back in Columbia. Its amazing what perspective can do. After a week in Moberly (the population is 13,000, by the way), I am excited to return to Columbia where people are out and about... during regular working hours. Here's the link to this year's Missouri Photo Workshop page.