So its Day 6 of Moberly, Missouri. The workshop is winding down for everyone else; but barely scratching the surface for me. I did a lot of printing today and there is plenty more to go. Me and two other grad students are in charge of printing contact sheets and prints for the final exhibit on Saturday. Every night the photographers give presentations on photo documenting. Brian Peterson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune displayed an amazing piece titled "With Enduring Grace," a story about a Minnesota and their struggle with a daughter and mother with AIDS; and Randy Cox, the photo editor for the Oregonian, showed photos from his photographers at his paper; including really good selections from a project documenting family members of soldiers whom were killed in action in Iraq.
Overall the mood is very exciting. The town is happy to have us, and we are happy to be here; despite the fact that we are all in the middle of nowhere.
The student photographers come from all around the world. One is a medical student at Washington University in St. Louis. Another is a photographer for the Boston Globe. One student managed to document a birth earlier today.
And the coolest part about the workshop: I get to photograph with a Nikon D2Hs using a 17-55mm DX lens. For those who are not versed in cameras, that is good. As a Canon user, I must admit, Nikon's got a good system.
Hello everybody. Been away for quite a while. It hasn't been so much the business of grad school, its more I don't have internet at my apartment. I will admit though, I've been working hard all last week. I'm taking this week off from school; so last week I ws stressing to get all my work in.
I am now typing from Moberly, Missouri. The Missouri Photo Workshop is in full swing. I am a volunteer working as a printer. That means I print out contact sheets for the instructors, and photos for a gallery exhibit at the end of the week. I am currently working on tiling (an image divided into quarters combined to make on big image). When not printing, I get to sit in on faculty presentations and listen to their perspective on photography.
Moberly is a small Missouri town half an hour North of Columbia. This is the real Missouri. Columbia is a college town, so there is somewhat of a variety in entertainment options. In contrast, Moberly is dead. Very few restaurants and the main drag is three blocks. The Moberly Tourism Counsel fed us last night. There are about 100 people (including participants, volunteers and staff) involved in the workshop. We should rule this town.

Twighlight Festival

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Every Thursday this autumn is the Twighlight Festival in downtown Columbia. Local bands come out on to the streets and locals stroll the sidewalks. This is a photo of a local singing troup. I think its scary... check out the pink shirts.

Seniorfest 2006

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Took photos of Seniorfest '06. I tried to get a picture for class, but instead I found a dance-off... for Seniors.

New Ballpark

St Louis__9_16_2006_007
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Went Busch Stadium in St. Louis. I saw the Giants lose to the Cardinals. Its a nice stadium and very clean, but way too much red. They also insist on playing God Bless America before every game.

Photographing the Christians

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This is me taking pictures of the Christians in St. Louis.

Puppets for Christ

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Went to St. Louis for the weekend. Saw the Giants play the Cardinals and part of a photojournalism conference. There was a Jesus festival in the park. I didn't really talk to the Christians, so I don't know much about it. I thought this was funny (Photo taken by my neighbor).

Skate Park

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Had to take an interaction photo. It took me a bit, but finally found one at the skate park. I didn't use this photo, but I like it anyway.


Went to Harrisburg for a Septemberfest festival. Harrisburg is about 10 miles north of Columbia and is a very small town. Small towns in Missouri like to hold Tractor Pulls. They had one for kids called a Pedal Pull. Kids pedal a tractor pulling weights in the back. The kid that can pull the tractor the furthest wins. This turned out to be the state championships. The winner gets to go to South Dakota for the nationals.

Greek Times

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Went to a tailgate party to try to get a photo for class. Nothing came with it, but an interesting insight into a part of Missouri I don't engage with much.

Latest from Class

Breaking the Ice_004
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We had to take portraits. I think I found the wingnuts. In other news, I really enjoy my assistantship position. Mainly because the Global Journalist has already given me the password to look up the latest photos from the AP news wire. I am also compiling a list of blogs for their links section. So if you know of any useful blogs- as in news and such- send the link my way.
Not surprisingly, I've been busy here at Mo's. There has been some good news however.: I landed an assistantship with Global Journalist. I work mostly with their online team to ensure their transition to the web goes smoothly. But I will also take on other publishing duties as well. My hours can range from 10 to 20 a week, but its a new position so I will have to see.
I also was accepted as a crew volunteer for the Missouri Photo Workshop. The program runs in late-September, and I will get to work closely with some top-notch photojournalists. Names will come soon; although I do know Kim Komenich of the SF Chronicle will be there. My official position is printer.

Thai Trailer Trash

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This would be the infamous Cooper's Landing I wrote about in my 8/7/06 post. They really do serve authentic Thai food out of a trailor. I would have taken more scenery photos because it really is nice, but the sun had just about set on Friday and I did not bring my tripod.