Backstage during a dress rehearsal for the play Brigadoon.

I. An actress goes over her lines while another actress makes last minute adjustments to her costume.

II. Actresses share a laugh moments before going on stage.

The summer feature... slightly different.

I. Swim instructors apply sunscreen before their lessons.

II. It takes two friends to untangle this instructors necklace.

Fill the Boot.

I consider this picture an almost, but I still like the moment. A fireman plays the bagpipes on a main intersection to entice passing drivers to donate money, which they place in a rubber boot. The proceeds go the Muscular Dystrophy Association. In this photograph, an infant is fast asleep, oblivious to the passing fireman blaring his pipes.

Chukars opening day.

The Idaho Falls Chukars are the minor league baseball team in Idaho Falls. In the picture, young fans show their excitement while waiting for their snow cones.


I showed up a little early for an assignment. While waiting, I noticed some kids jumping on gym mats with really nice light and awesome clouds.

Rodeo-Bible Camp

I. A counselor places his bible to his lips after a session of religious songs.

II. The camp pastor prays with a camper after his morning sermon.

III. A camper learns the basics of steer riding on a human-operated machine designed to imitate the movements and bucks of a steer.

IV. A camper studies from a horse-hide covered bible.

V. The pastor passes on bible scriptures to campers.

I. A camper tries on saddlebronc gear.

II. Campers hold a bible session inside their tent.

III. The camp pastor, who was once a professional bull rider, serves as a rodeo clown while a camper learns to ride a bull.

IV. A camper practices bull riding at the camp rodeo arena.

V. The camp bull riding instructor teaches a camper how to stay on a bull.

I. A Saddlebronc rider leaves the gate.

II. Two campers join in a camp sing-along of "Jesus Almighty."

III. A camper stands with rodeo and Christian flags before the camp rodeo. In addition to instruction in religion and rodeo events, the camp held a rodeo where parents could attend.

IV. A counselor shows off his rope tricks during down time at the camp.

V. The pastor participates in a joke on a counselor. The counselor does not know the pastor is not blindfolded during a banana eating contest.

A camper practices the goat tying event.

Golfing like Happy Gilmore.

Lectures. I felt for the kids. At least I got to take pictures!

A crew testing an off-road 4x4 for an upcoming competition in California.

A scene from a funeral for a veteran.

Beautifying downtown by planting flowers.

Summer campfires.