The Scenic Route.

49-Mile Scenic Drive opened in 1938 for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition. The number 49 represents the square-mileage area of the city and the year (1849) San Francisco was established. The drive covers San Francisco’s famous sites and historical neighborhoods. Some people know about this drive, which is marked by signs with a seagull. But the drive is long… really long. It takes four hours to drive without stopping. And the signs are not always accurate, so the only way to truly follow the route is with a map. Only one small and little known publishing company makes such a map. This is the beginning of a really long-term project which I hope to continue each time I return to San Francisco… who knows, maybe I will never finish it. My goal is to use this project as an opportunity to explore and push my vision. Time will tell.
Missouri Veterans Home: A Pretty Place To Be

If You are Happy, Share the Happiness

See Yourself In Them

This is the 3 part audio slideshow series on Richard Sullentrup, a 58 year-old who lives in a retirement facility where the average age is 80. Sullentrup uses his humor to make friends and overcome the slow pace of life that is common at the Missouri Veterans Home.

X-treme Cross Country

this is a leftover from last month. more than 200 runners twisted and crawled through a series of obstacles courses in Midway. they dressed up to the likes of sarah palin or the dreaded banana. i guess these runners were hardcore; especially given the chilly weather that morning. there was a really nice bond fire at the end, too.

St. James Part II: The Return.

My picture story class went back down to St. James to present our work to our subjects. There was some amazing light in the room, and I can't help it when the light is this good.

Ward Hine: Ice Carver

...from the job profile assignment for picture story.

White Elephant Christmas Celebration.

This is from a project I am working on about Burundi refugees in Columbia, Missouri. Wherever you are, enjoy your x-mas, chanukah, kwanzaa, voodoo day, festivus and shinto day. If I left any holidays off this list, I will make sure to recognize your observances next year.