Cracked out on Muni.

For those who don't know, MUNI is San Francisco's public transportation system. After waking up, this guy noticed a police car casually following our bus for two blocks. He proceeded to freak out.
My friend, Kate, just turned 30. I intend to make a face like this when I turn 30, too. Happy birthday!

Shelbie Powell has Schwartzman-Diamond syndrome, a rare disease that affects the pancreas, hindering overall growth. Earlier this week, the Make-A-Wish foundation announced they will grant Powell's wish: record and album so she can give hope to other sick children. After a recent vocal lesson, Powell's friends and family surprised her with the news.
Spud Days in Shelley, ID

Every year, the town of Shelley celebrates the potato harvest with a potato festival. In addition to games and activities like the Velcro Wall, Shelley holds the annual Spud Tug, where the losing side ends up in a 10x12 (foot) pit of mashed potatoes.
In Idaho, autumn is a time to celebrate the potato harvest. At a nearby town called Shelley, they kick-off the festivities with the Miss Russett Pageant.

I've been on the late shift all week. Here at the P.R., it's just another word for the sport's beat.

Rodeo at the East Idaho State Fair

The East Idaho State Fair with...

Horse Racing


Rides with slow shutter

and Winners

Mud Run

Every year, the high school track teams from the area meet to run a 3 mile course through mud, water and sand.
I have more pictures from this event, too. Email me if you want to see them.
Scoring a touchdown, Blackfoot High style.

This is Al Jones. He rides dirt bikes at a nearby track called Noise Park. A few years ago, he was involved in a motorcycle crash. Although Jones works-out extensively at his car-repair shop, he will never race bikes again.

I have more pictures, but my employer will only allow me to post photographs published in the newspaper. If you want to see these images, email me.