Ronnie Templemeyer lives in Booneville and works at a bread bakery. In 1994, Templemeyer built his first sanctuary for purple martins, a migratory bird that passes through Missouri every Spring. On mornings and early-evenings, Templemeyer can be found with his binoculars, checking out the Martins. On this day, the first second-year male of the season arrived.

Stephens College in Columbia held a fashion show last night. The latest midwest styles are here!

The paper sent me to the State Archives in Jefferson City. I thought I was in for a boring shoot. It turns out an elementary school class was on a field trip. They gave me this moment.

Bluegrass Band

I photographed another family for the Living Green article. This time a family the reuses recycable materials.

Todays Theme is: Cooking at the Commune
The paper sent me to photograph this person cooking.

Soccer Opening Day

Lillies arrive for Easter at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia.

Columbia Classic Golf

Big XII Gymnastics Conference Championships

Missouri Track Relay

Women's Softball: Missouri versus Texas