The scanners blared left and right. I couldn't tell what happened, so I went to check it out. The result: a person threatened suicide. The police adverted the attempt, taking away a shotgun and a pistol.

Building a rail jump for snowboarders.

Feature hunting: Staying warm in an indoor pool. These are a few of the pictures I liked from the take.

The MMA crew invited me back for another night of fights.

Feature Hunting: Feeding the Ducks.

I got an assignment to follow Justin Cornelson, a student resource officer, for a morning. The students at Hillcrest High School like him because they can joke with him or speak to him (in a way they couldn't with a teacher) when a problem arises.

Still, Officer Cornelson has to do his share of paper pushing.

My editors wanted me to find a feature. Instead of regular physical education activities, students in Idaho Falls learned circus techniques.

I went back home over New Years. The break was nice. In fact, I guess I was so burned out, I didn't take one picture. It seemed just about everyone asked me about the whereabouts of my camera. I snagged this picture during a flight delay, though. Photos from Sucka' Free City will have to wait until my next trip back to the Bay.

Digging the two-pronged icicles.