My Mailbox

They took away my mailbox too. Its been sitting on the same street corner all my life.

Blue Fog?

I went back to San Francisco for Thanksgiving and had a good turkey indeed... a pheasant too. I am very thankful to the hosts for including me as one of their 40 guests. The crack corner store had been a fixture by my house for all my life. Sitting a block away, it served useful for candy and soda runs. Now it houses yuppy chocolate, cheese, wine and coffee. While Blue Fog certainly fits in with the neighborhood, there was a nostalgia imbedded in the old store.
I had to take a human cityscape picture for my class. If you are wondering what human cityscape is, well, so am I. Human cityscape is vaguely defined as bringout out a subject through natural settings, emphasizing color and lighting. I took this picture the day before the assignment was due, from the 2nd story of a parking garage. I am very thankful the woman was wearing a nice red jacket and blue purse. I am also thankful I have a week off from school- that's why I'm back in SF hibernating.

My Mass Media Seminar professor, Prof. Hudson, celebrated his birthday on Wednesday... In style! He was born at 8:09 in the morning in Columbus, Mississippi, in a hospital that no longer exists. He is passionate and enthusiastic about his work, and is very involved in working with the students. He makes theory lively, and he also makes what could be a very boring class interesting. He has compared our journey through grad school to a long bus ride, and we're all hooked for trip- be the bus long or short.

Sports Picture

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We had to submit a sports photograph for class. I came upon a women's lacrosse tournament on campus. I learned the difficulty of photographing this sport, mainly because the ball is small and there is very little interaction. The background was cluttered with lines and poles; that didn't make picturetaking any easier. In the end, I was happy with this picture.

Tony F-ing C.

Reza Visits_11_1_2006_016
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At the Spanish Fly. A strange dance club in downtown Columbia. They try to pull off this Latin/Salsa feel, yet the atmosphere is definitely gringo.

Drea at Class

Reza Visits_11_1_2006_005
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She had a long day, she just finished a big paper.

Soft Light

Fun at Home_11_2_2006_026
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My neighbour messing with the lighting in my room. More in-depth lighting theories come next semester.


Andrei swears his Romanian license is valid in the US. On his ticket, the cop wrote "None (Romania)" in the "driver's license" category.

Pulled Over

On Halloween night, the cops pulled over my friend Andrei for driving with expired license plates. In the end, they let him off for that offense, but still cited him for driving without a valid license and without insurance. I happened to be in the passenger seat with my camera and a wide-angle lens.


Hermann has train tracks along the river. The short fence allowed me to go right up to the train and snap photos.

Down by the River

Kathleen at sunset.

Red Leaves, Red Jacket

My friend Amy, taking pictures at sunset.


I and a few friends went down to Hermann, MO, for Oktoberfest. Hermann is an hour drive from Columbia, and sits next to the Missouri River. The town is no more than 3000 people, and was founded by the German Settlement Society of Philadelphia in 1845. 161 years later, Hermann is known for its wineries and is considered the Sausage capital of Missouri.


My classmate, Tony's baby girl.

Ye Professer

My Boot Camp instructor.

Halloween 2006

Its been a while since I posted. Seems like a common theme. Haloween took place several ages ago, here are my pictures.