From the Idaho Falls days.

These are a series of photographs from a fire that nearly destroyed a couple's home. The house is on the edge of town, and the fire started in an area none of the local fire departments cover. Thanks to the help of very gracious neighbors,residents carved disc lines and successfully saved a cluster of homes. The last picture shows a home owner hugging a farmer who helped carved a disc line. Unfortunately, the woman in this picture left her windows open during the fire. She would have to endure the smell of fire smoke in her house for the next several days or so. But I think it is better than the alternative.

America's Next Top Model tryouts.

3 portraits.

These are some portraits I like from my last month at the Post Register. The first one is of a woman who opened a new midwifery center, the middle image is for the opening of a food coop, and the last picture is of a farmer who lets customers pick their own food.

Leaving Idaho.

My time is up in Idaho Falls. The journey was unusual and I saw things I have never seen before... and probably will never see again. But the journey is by no means finished. Get ready for some midwest photography with a brief stint of East Coast flows in between.

I still have to publish some more Idaho images, but enjoy this one for the moment. This was my favorite sign in Idaho Falls, and I secretly hoped I would get an assignment to photograph this sign. I didn't, but I took this picture on my way out.