More Richard.

I went back to the Missouri Veteran's Home on Halloween to photograph Richard, where he dressed as Moses... you know, from the bible.

There was a National Socialist Movement rally today at the Capitol in Jefferson City, Mo. Counter-demonstrators did not show up in as large numbers as they did at the Columbia rally in 2007, and police appeared much more organized this time around.


I went to the Missouri Veterans Home for the return of the St. James workshop. Richard, 58, suffers from Emphysema, heart problems and Diabetes. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1969-1971, but never went to Vietnam. The average age of residents at the Veterans Home is 80, so, because of his relatively younger age, he is somewhat isolated. Richard has found life and entertainment through his humor. He can always be found telling a joke or pulling a random prop out of his wheelchair. “Some don’t like my humor at first," Richard said. "Then they see how boring it is here.”

I took a break from the general workload in the Ivory Basement to photograph the Democratic Party Nominee for President (of the United States of America).

I went to the Missouri Veterans Home in St. James, Mo. on Halloween to continue a project. They take this holiday really seriously. Residents and workers dress up, and in the early evening, hundreds of kids stop by to trick-or-treat.