Happy Halloween!

Game winning goal... Not!

One last soccer picture.

Hillcrest High School's Caitlina Walline hugs her teammate after scoring what would have been the game winning overtime goal against Skyview High School during the 4A Girl's Soccer State Semifinals. The referee ruled her play offsides and Skyview scored a few minutes later.
Yellowstone Nat'l Park: Horizontal Horizons.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Steve Remich:

Sports Week 3: E-Motion Bowl.

The Emotion Bowl is an annual football game between Idaho Falls' rival high schools, Idaho Falls High School and Skyline High School. Students and alumni from both schools pack the stands, and at the end of the game, the winning team spray paints the field goal posts the winning school's colors. I was assigned to photograph the spray painting.

Idaho Falls cheerleaders perform another round of push-ups after a touchdown. The cheerleaders do one push-up for each point scored. They did 28 in all during their school's shutout victory.

An Idaho Falls student shakes an orange spray paint can as the final seconds wind down.

And they're off.

An Idaho Falls student climbs the field goal post to paint it orange.

Students take pictures with their camera phones of football players spray painting the posts.
The coach addresses the football team and students on the field.

Sports Week Part 2: Soccer.

Sports Week Part 1: After school activities. The cool part about photographing kids football is you can get as close as you want to the players, and there is no chance they will take you down.

14-inch potato. James Hitt of Ammon, Idaho stopped by the office to show off this macro-potato he grew. I snapped a picture in the studio.

On Sunday I was called out to a non-fire. Turned out to be just smoke in the building. I think the fire crew was happy to get out of the fire house, though.

Army Vet returns from oversees for good. Reunites with his daughter.

The faces of weightlifting.

Drive to Jackson, WY.

Snow attack!

Master snow driver and Post Register photographer Jason Bean.

More Snow!

On September 28, 2007, the first snow of the season dropped on Idaho Falls. Last week's storm was quite inferior to the flurries this past weekend- more recent pictures to come. In this image, Skyline cheerleaders try to sell warm food and drinks to drivers. The squad planned to offer cookies and other cooler drinks, but the unexpected and premature cold changed their course.

Girls' Fast Pitch Softball reunion.

Idaho governor C.L. "Butch" Otter speaks to the City Club of Idaho Falls.