illegal dumps.

this is also an ode to katie barnes. there are 279 dumps sites in Pittsburgh amounting to 676 tons of trash. Michael Forbeck of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Education ventured out to an illegal dump in Homewood to announce plans for cleanup and outreach. Forbeck led the coolest press conference ever. the tires making the podium are from the illegal dump behind him. way cool! the podium, not the dump.

peewee football with the eastside panthers.

making pittsburgh in cardboard.

I. Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

II. Tristan Smith, 5, left, learns to fly fish from Family Tyes school program director Dave Thorn, right, at the Great American Backyard Campout at the Children's Museum. Tiffany DeMoss, Smith's mother, says her son loves to fish, but "he needs to learn patience."

III. Melissa Wells stands inside St. Ferdinand Church. Previously a corporate accountant for 17 years, Wells is seeking help from Hope Ministry of St. Ferdinand to find a new job in forensic accounting or fraud investigation. Many job seekers are now looking to faith-based organizations for employment.

the bomb.

a day in a b-17 bomber.

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a quick audio slideshow on Joe Grkman, a singer at the hofbrauhaus.

i. something from gummo.
ii. kids with guns.
iii. potter opening night.
iv. green hat.

bridge enthusiasts.

Pittsburgh has more bridges than any city in the world other than Venice, Italy. Allegheny County has more than 2,000 bridges. This city is a dream if you like bridges.

* In case you wondering, in the 2nd picture, the enthusiast is pointing out that rivets are holding up the Andy Warhol Bridge. This is unusual because rivets today are used for pedestrian-only bridges.

community activism.

District 2 Pittsburgh City Council member Theresa Smith walked door-to-door on Merwyn Avenue calling for a Community Clean-up & Block Watch Day following a series of arsons in the Sheridan neighborhood.

summer feature hunt.

fashion show.

kids causing havoc.

Amy Peek, an accountant by day and a new Pampered Chef trainee, gives a kitchenware demonstration. Trends show more people are looking for direct selling jobs to supplement their income.

the pittsburgh kid.

Paul "The Pittsburgh Kid" Spadafora was a former IBF lightweight champion. Spadafora pleaded guilty for aggravated assault in 2003 for shooting his girlfriend while under the influence of alcohol. He recently made a comeback to the ring, fighting and defeating Ivan Bustos of Argentina in six rounds.

my 4th of July weekend part V: man on wire.

my 4th of July weekend part IV: regatta.

my 4th of July weekend part III: powerboat racing.

my 4th of July weekend part II: flowers of fire.

my 4th of July weekend part I: carnival

setting up 4th of July fireworks by the West End Bridge.

I. Father Victor Cianca hopes to establish the first St. Mary Magdalene Italian Catholic Church in the Pittsburgh area, which has about 30 followers. "To grow as a community," Cianca said. "You have to have a church and a place to worship." Currently, Cianca holds services inside his home.

II. After the shoot, Cianca asked me to take a picture of him with his father, Victor Cianca, Sr., whose claim to fame was the traffic control cop on Candid Camera.

III. "When I die, I hope heaven is a place where I get to direct traffic," Cianca, Sr., 92, said.

gay pride parade.