a new home for seth.

i. Kim Crosswait, right, a physical therapist, leads Seth England through water therapy at England's home in Spearfish. At 9-years old, England is the oldest living child with Tae Sachs disease, a neurological disorder that affects one's muscular movement. England undergoes water therapy once-a-week. With water therapy, the warm water helps Engand move his joints and places hydrostatic pressure on his lungs. England has undergone water therapy since he was two-years old. "He usually giggles and laughs while in the water," Crystal England, his mother, said. "Its the one thing he gets to do that he enjoys. Its really good for him."

ii. Crystal England, left, and her husband John, right, place their son, Seth, 9, bottom, onto his bed for the first time in their new home in Spearfish. "We used to be able to lift him ourselves," Crystal England said, referring to when her son was younger and lighter. "Now it takes two of us." Today, Seth England weighs about 70 pounds.

iii. Crystal England checks Seth while he lays in bed at their old home. "Seth is important in this community because he shows every life is valuable and every life is precious," England said. "It doesn't matter if you can see or walk, the time that is invested in his life will be well worth it."

iv. Seth England lays in bed while attached to a BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) machine at his old home. England cannot speak. Instead he communicates using facial expressions and noises. The BiPAP machine forces air into England's lungs to keep them inflated.

v. Birthday cards for Seth England's 9th birthday are placed on a piano inside his old house in Spearfish. Recently, England's family realized Seth reacts positively to music and in particular to Elvis. For England's latest birthday on February 23, his family threw him an Elvis-themed party.

vi. Roy England, no relation to the England family, of Concrete Specialties wipes his forearm while pouring cement mix onto the driveway of the Englands' new home in Spearfish. Concrete Specialties workers, along with other members of the community, are volunteering their time to help build the Englands' new home. The Englands' church, the Countryside Community Church in Spearfish, raised more than $110,000 for the new house.

vii. From left, Angel Park, a licensed practitioner nurse, Crystal England, Pam Nisley, Caroline Torgerson, and John England congregate in the living room of the new home after placing Seth in his bed. The new house features larger rooms, a bathtub specially designed so the family can easily place Seth in it, and windows on all sides allowing for more light.

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