demonstations and counter-demonstrations.

vigil for charlottesville.

Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, Berkeley, Calif.

commercial structure fire.
portrait of a vietnam veteran.

warriors championship parade.
hat party.

from tragedy to friendship.

Cissy Horne, left, stopped to help Antonetta Roman-Miller after she was involved in car crash in January. Roman-Miller got out of her car after she was involved in a car crash to check on the other driver when a third car ran over her. Roman-Miller had to have her right leg amputated after the crash and underwent 11 surgeries. "They are my family," Horne said. "We're going to go through this together."

military show.

aluminum overcast takes flight.

The Aluminum Overcast, a restored B-17 Bomber, flies over Vacaville, Calif.

Cesar Lomeli prepares for his bout.