another year, another parade

The Golden State Warriors 2015 Championship parade.

the class of 2015

nature's gold

I can't resist pulling over to the side of the road for some golden mustard flowers in the golden hour.

wayne de la cruz

Love the light in this portrait. De La Cruz is a seasoned musician and a man who appreciates classic organs.

waiting fame

Jordan Terry, 2, has an abnormal block in his urinary tract and is awaiting a kidney transplant. “It’s been a year of ups and downs,” his grandmother, Monica Muzio, said. “Having him home is always a blessing. He’s the life of the house. Jordan brings everyone together.”

rugby town

The Dixon Rugby Football Club girls varsity gold team.

"princess" claims her kingdom.

i. Taliyah Sweeting, 8, takes swings at a pinata at her 8th birthday party in Vacaville. Sweeting was diagnosed with a rare form of soft tissue cancer called embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma on April 8, 2014. Following nearly a year of treatment, doctors have declared Sweeting cancer-free. Friends and family threw a party for Sweeting to celebrate her birthday and her health. Now that Sweeting has fought cancer, her friends and family dub her the "Warrior Princess."

ii. Sweeting holds a chunk of her mother, Maryrose's, hair after she shaved her head during a St. Baldrick's head-shaving fundraiser event at Children's Hospital Oakland. Maryrose Sweeting shaved her head to show solidarity with Taliyah, who lost her hair in the early stages of her treatment.

iii. Sweeting sits at her hospital bed with her mother, Maryrose, as she awaits a chemotherapy session at Children's Hospital Oakland. After a full day of tests to ensure she was fit for her chemotherapy session, Sweeting waited a few more hours and finally received her treatment well after sunset.

iv. Tinker Bell teaches Sweeting and her younger brother, Marlon, how to fly at their home in Vacaville. The fairytale character paid a visit to the Sweetings to personally give Taliyah a bottle of her self-prepared "Magic Fairy Dust." Tinker Bell told Taliyah she could use the potion for her upcoming flight to Boston, where Taliyah received specialized cancer treatment.

v. Sweeting works on an activity book with her mother, Maryrose, and brother, Marlon, at their home in Vacaville. Taliyah's treatment schedule prevented her from attending classes at school. Still, she kept up with the work at home and may join her friends in the same classroom in the fall.

vi. Sweeting plays with her brother, Marlon, after their mom shaved her head during a St. Baldrick's head-shaving fundraiser event at Children's Hospital Oakland. Marlon served as one of Taliyah's best friends and they often played together while she underwent treatment.

vii. Sweeting plays on a bouncy-castle during her 8th birthday party in Vacaville. Members of the community provided bouncy castles, a photo booth and food and drinks for the party.

viii. Sweeting makes a wish before blowing out the candles on a Minecraft-themed birthday cake during her 8th birthday party in Vacaville. At her birthday party Taliyah saw many of her friends for the first time since she stopped going to school because of her cancer.