daycare fund cuts.

i. Kylee Wollschlager, 3, plays with cones at Cinnamon Street Child Care in Newport, N.H. In addition to state funding for day care, Wollschlager's step-mother, Heidi Pill, enrolled her step-daughters in Cinnamon Street Child Care last October. In March her state-funded day care subsidies dropped and she was billed $250 a week. "You don't want your child to grow up too fast," Pill said. "But financially, I can't wait until they start kindergarden." Once Pill's step-daughters are in kindergarden, Pill and her husband, Edward Wollschlager, no longer have to pay day care costs.

ii. Heidi Pill, left, walks with her step-daughter, Kylee Wollschlager, right, to the car after a day at Cinnamon Street Child Care.

iii. Heidi Pill, left, cleans Kylee Wollschlager's, center, hands while Wollschlager's sister, Cheyenne, right, eats dessert at Pill's home in Kellyville, N.H. With reduced day care subsidies combined with a decline in her husband's salary, money has been tight around the house.

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