psychic fair.

i. Debrah Wendorf, top, gets her palm read from Juliet Bell, bottom, during the Psychic Fair at the Opera House in Claremont, NH. Bell noted that Wendorf is highly analytical while aware of the values of right and wrong. "I feel a close connection to my reading," Wendorf, a Junior Accountant for Clinical Research, said. "I deal with these issues at work all the time."

ii. Michelle Avery, left, reacts to an Aura Photography reading from Ramona Nault, right. Aura Photography uses high voltages from an electrically-charged photographic plate to create a color radiant on a photograph. "When I go to these readings," Avery said. "Its interesting to see how close they [the fortunes] come in real life to what the readers say."

iii. Debrah Wendorf reacts to her palm reading from Juliet Bell.

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