I've never been to ultimate fighting before, so I decided to check it out last week. Fighter Tony Vega let me follow him the evening of the fight. This was Vega's second bout, coming in with a record of 1-0.

Vega, left, practices with his training partner in the shower before his fight.

Although Vega tried to stay focused mentally, he lets out a yawn in the locker room.

Vega, left, may appear to have the advantage in his fight. However, his opponent uses his legs to lock Vega's head, allowing him to continuously punch Vega's face.

Vega's mouthpiece and blood lay on the ring floor after Vega lost the fight.

A friend tries to calm Vega down in the locker room after the fight.


Ikuru said...

i guess it's not that important, but I can't help. On the third picture, Vega's opponent was not trying to hit Vega. He was rather trying to choke Vega out by "triangle chock (or sankaku-jime)" or switch to Joji-gatame and break Vega's arm or tap him out. Nice work, by the way.

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

Thanks Ikuru for the help. You are correct that Vega's opponent was not hitting Vega but trying to get out of a hold. Vega's opponent hit him after the hold.