Cowboy Church

Thanks A-Dub for the find.

At twilight, standing on a grassy field next to a pond, a small group gathers outside Pamela and Terry Lambert’s house just outside of Sturgeon. Flanked by a cool breeze from the west, they overlook a grass field while purple martins chirp and horses neigh. These are the surroundings of the Stable Ministries.

Also known as Cowboy Church, a small group of congregants and two church leaders convene each Tuesday evening in front of a small log cabin at the Lambert residence. According to Terry Lambert, minister of Stable Ministries, the church’s members go to rodeos or work on their farms over the weekend.

“Some people come here because they are too busy on Sundays,” Terry said. “Others belong to another church and can’t get their fill of God.”

The service begins with Pamela Lambert leading the congregation in a round of song. Because Cowboy Church has no religious affiliation, Pamela, the official church choir leader, is liberal in her pickings. So it is no surprise when her group rejoices to the gospel music of Randy Travis or Carrie Underwood.

“You wouldn’t believe it, but I used to be afraid to speak in public when I was younger,” Terry said. “Now the Holy Spirit writes my sermons, and I just deliver them.”

Before and after prayer, Terry helps the kids ride his pony, Sweetie, while congregants munch on fresh doughnuts and iced tea. Cowboy Church brings together a community while evoking religion in a relaxed atmosphere.


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