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Anonymous said...

Pictures, OK. Although we all know that photo- and TV journalists were highly manipulated by Hezbollah.

Writing, needs a lot of work. For example, this paragraph, which needs a lot of work:
"Considering that the Soviet-designed projectiles were not capable of precision bombardment, Israel's long-anachronistic military press censorship tried in vain to bar these disclosures. But the TV footage that showed the casualties and damage not only revealed the sitess of impact to the Israeli public, but also to the Hezbollah launch crews. The tell-all attitude of Israel's electronic reporters and cameramen was symptomatic of the spirit with which their government reacted to the abduction of two of its soldiers from Israeli territory on July 12. This sudden burst of open disclosure may have stemmed from over-confidence about the Israeli forces’ performance and under-estimation of Hezbollah’s combat capabilities."