So its Day 6 of Moberly, Missouri. The workshop is winding down for everyone else; but barely scratching the surface for me. I did a lot of printing today and there is plenty more to go. Me and two other grad students are in charge of printing contact sheets and prints for the final exhibit on Saturday. Every night the photographers give presentations on photo documenting. Brian Peterson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune displayed an amazing piece titled "With Enduring Grace," a story about a Minnesota and their struggle with a daughter and mother with AIDS; and Randy Cox, the photo editor for the Oregonian, showed photos from his photographers at his paper; including really good selections from a project documenting family members of soldiers whom were killed in action in Iraq.
Overall the mood is very exciting. The town is happy to have us, and we are happy to be here; despite the fact that we are all in the middle of nowhere.
The student photographers come from all around the world. One is a medical student at Washington University in St. Louis. Another is a photographer for the Boston Globe. One student managed to document a birth earlier today.
And the coolest part about the workshop: I get to photograph with a Nikon D2Hs using a 17-55mm DX lens. For those who are not versed in cameras, that is good. As a Canon user, I must admit, Nikon's got a good system.

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