Things can get quite busy as a grad student. I've figured Wednsedays and Tuesdays would be my busy days because I have all my classes on Wednesdays. Somehow I managed to see Little Miss Sunshine yesterday and recommend everyone see it. I have a few more applications coming up, including my volunteer application for the Missouri Photo Workshop in late-September. Photo class will get really busy soon. I already did a photoshoot for our project called "Breaking the Ice". We had to take portraits of 10 subjects. I shot in a working class area toward the Northeastern end of town. I think I nailed some interesting subjects. In my walk I saw a group BBQing next to some dive bar. I asked them what they were up to and they said they were having a cook-off. One guy said he won 1st place at the Montgomery County Fair. Another BBQed a goat. They let me try their ribs and they were damn good. I think I will try to photograph more cookoffs.

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