I had my first day of class today, fundamentals of photography. We have to take a bunch of pictures, and the course seems fairly easy. The challenge will be in coming up with creative ideas based on the topic matter. It appears the professor does not want me to shoot in RAW, and this issue will be discussed later. Evidently they teach us to shoot RAW next semester in Advanced Fundamentals.
There are undergrads in this class too. It will be interesting to see what work they come up with. And they definitely act like undergrads. What separates this class from other photo classes are the oportunities to work with professional photographers. For instance, later in the semester, we will get to volunteer for the Missouri Photo Workshop, where we serve as digital assistants and meet and review the work of photojournalists participating in the project. This year's Workshop will be held in Moberly, Missouri. Also, we will get to hear Reza speak in October. Pretty cool.
I got to shoot yesterday. Our first assignment, just to ensure we know how to upload photos, was to approach people and photograph the contents of whatever they had in their pockets. I stood outside a liquor store. Most people had cigarettes and lighters. But one person had pins. Photos to come.

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